At least that's what he thought.

All this was actually a mirage...

Sirs, 6'42 - 2006


6'42, 4/3, 2006.

Shown during the Paris-Berlin video festival at La Villette, Paris, the "24h video" at the Théâtre d'Auxerre, at Traverse Video in Toulouse and at the Biennale de la Jeune Création Houilles in 2008.

Texte de Jean-Marie Baldner

The enigma of a strange and unstable choreography, filmed in a series of slow panoramic reversing, indifferent to the sound rhythm: six men around forty, with mustache or beard and white shirt, in front of a collection of pedestals, perform Initially absurd actions in the context of a forgotten workshop or museum Children's toys and a seventh character, the panorama breaks down.In snatches of reports and reconciliations excluding any narrativity, Gentlemen, Generate, in a tension of bodies inhabited by gestures, meaningless but not without desire, which could be those of childhood, the strange anxiety of an uncertain temporality and space endangering the very image that is produced. 

Extract from the press release of the video art festival, Paris-Est Créteil University, 2010.


Actors by order of appearance: Robert Normand, Franck Rezzak, René Comte, Michel Bayetto, Patrice Dutartre, Hubert Karaly, Dominique Bordas. 
Technical team: Romain Guillet, Nicolas Brasseur, Pauline Curnier-Jardin, Anne Battistella.
Writing, filming and editing: Gabriel Desplanque