At least that's what he thought.

All this was actually a mirage...

The Uniforms 10'52 - 2008

The uniforms

10'52, 16/9, HD, 2008.


In a white room, a group settles and go about as best they can while waiting. They are eight, three boys, five girls, total weight 428kg. They dance, count, hug each other, say yes-no, walk, run on the spot, take a short ladder, look at each other, stretch, stare, corner, compare, shut up or talk, touch, caress, pinch, cling, meet for the first time, know each other forever, push, pull, lean, support, help each other to fill the silence of the empty room, smile at each other , sulk, six feet long, a head squared, round, they applaud or rub their hands, it depends on their involvement, they are alike, they are very different, it's a story of uniforms. They did not choose to dress like this but they know how to be flexible when they are asked nicely, it's a story of manner, a story of space too, because the empty places fill up quickly, especially the white spaces, but they soon look dirty, that's the disadvantage, we sweep, dust, tidy, structure, make boxes, it's always messy, we do not know why. It's like that.


Shooting: Romain Guillet et Nicolas Brasseur.
Actors: Martin Argyroglo, Colombe, René Comte, Déborah Coustols, Giovanna D’Etorre, Marion Guillet, Thierry Leviez, Franck Rezzak, Aurore Rouillay, Quentin Vandewalle.
Writing, filming and editing: Gabriel Desplanque