At least that's what he thought.

All this was actually a mirage...

The poster 12'59 - 2010

The poster

12'59, 16/9, HD, 2010.

Montré lors de l'exposition "Rupture mon amour" à la Maison des Arts de Malakoff en 2011.

Two men talk. In front of them, a forest, a image of a forest on a poster or the memory of a forest, it’s not clear.

- When I am exhausted I am Romy Schneider, when I am cold, I am Catherine Deneuve, when I am hysterical I am Elizabeth Taylor, when I am mutineer I am Audrey Hepburn, when I am mysterious I am Marlène Dietrich, when I am empty I am Isabelle Huppert ...
- There are only women, why?
- Because the dress is a projection space for feelings. The pants do not allow that. It's obvious.
- Ah.
- That's why women have makeup and elaborate costumes. To enjoy a wide range of emotions.
- Do you mean that men have no emotion?
- No, they're just bad actors. "


Writing, filming and editing: Gabriel Desplanque