At least that's what he thought.

All this was actually a mirage...

Silence is a lie 8'25 - 2017

Silence is a lie

8'25, 16/9, HD, 2017.
Video part of the Belief/Relief exhibition - Liang Galery, Taipei, Taiwan.
On a music by Shu-Yin Kuo, Piano Study No. 1 "Mirror", 2017.


Based on a piece by Shu-Yin Kuo, a Taiwanese composer, I decided to have the score re-play by the pianist, focusing on her body choreography, the theatricality of her playing, the precision of her gestures and the dramatic intensity of her stage presence. As the film progresses, one realizes the absence of the piano in favor of a wooden table on which the pianist strives to play. The sound bias is not descriptive but plays on three types of recordings: the song as it was originally recorded, the piece replayed on the wooden table and the amplified recording of the sounds of the interpreters (grinding of the stool, breathing, ....).


With Chiaobby Tsai (pianist) and Zih-Han Tsai (pages turner).
First assistant director: Chuan-Rou Li.
Sound engineer: Tzu-Chieh Yu.
Perchman: Derik Qin Yiow.
Cameramen: Wei Ju Chuang & Sheng-Yu Chen.
Electro Leader: Shu-Yu Wu
Light operator. Board: Hung-Chun Liu.
Sound mixing: Tzu-Chieh Yu.
Color grading: Theo Yao.
Time line studio Post production.
Written, directed and edited by Gabriel Desplanque.
Thanks to Starball Music, Rhino Huang and Sali Art Studio.