At least that's what he thought.

All this was actually a mirage...

45'' 1'28 - 2007


1'28, 16/9, HD, 2007.

Texte du film :

Text of the film:

Take a breath and count to 45 and even more
At the pool little jersey and hop in the water the cousin is on the edge and has a watch ”flic flac"that can go up to 3 meters deep.
It is marked on it, that's a birthday present,
I take my breath, my feet are joined on the edge, my thighs stretched, one two three my chest forward like a cock before the cocorico
I have to beat the record of Romain this time
It is the good one and I throw myself the body firm and voluntary in the chlorinated water.
The big lady in pink is more ugly seen from below.
She is pursued by the hairy ventripotent with green jersey will catch her.
It does not matter, you have to get to the other side of the pool with your head under the water.
Otherwise mom will die at one stroke.
Otherwise I'm just a big homo.
Everyone will laugh at me at recess.
Otherwise nothing exists and I am a guinea pig in a laboratory.
I already feel the needles in the head sinking and the sadistic scientists laughing.


Writing, filming and editing: Gabriel Desplanque