At least that's what he thought.

All this was actually a mirage...

God's room Le Fresnoy, 14'21 - 2016

God's room

14'21, DCP, 4/3.
Production Le Fresnoy, National Contemporary Arts Studio, 2016.

Shown at the International Short Film Festival in Winterthur, Switzerland, in 2016 and the Hong Kong International Film Festival in 2017.


The room of god is a film carried by a multitude of voices.
Whispering, screaming, loud or soft voices attempt to define the supposed space of God's habitation.
It is a kind of choir that spurns and seeks to find answers to the complexity of our little lives, a community of voices that tries to get out of the ambient media hubbub.
Images of different bills and different times (super 8, red, 5d, images taken from the internet) interact and form a dreamlike mental territory, a cartography of a world contradictory, modern, rich and complex, where the profusion of images leaves no room for silence.
You will meet a multitude of protagonists: a gold digger, an astronaut, seagulls scanning the horizon, people in a carousel, a man who blows candles from his birthday cake. Thus begins the room of God.
Then the sea buries the images ... Two men exchange phone texts full of bitterness while a girl, tired, makes an avalanche of selfies. The rain is clear, children talk about their fear of jellyfish and time passing. Houses float in the ocean.
We must believe that God has struck again.
The only thing left to do is dance,  the only thing that humans know how to do well.


Scenario & production: Gabriel Desplanque
Producer: Laurent Delplanque
Chief cameraman RED: Aurélie Brouet
Chief cameraman Super 8: Gabriel Desplanque
Assistant Camera: Ivan Castineiras & Robin Labriaud
Color grading: Mado Berrenger
Sound chief opérator : Valentine Gelin
Sound Mix: Simon Apostolou
Actors : Charlotte Bayer-Broc, Raphaële Bezin, Laurie Dasnois, Gwendal Sartre, Laura Haby, Paul Heintz, Tamar Hirshfeld, Jorge Jacome, Ewan Golder, Thibaud Le Maguer, Angel Liegent, Akiko Okumura, Baptiste Rabichon, Abtin Sarabi, Victor Vaysse. Voices: Eric Bilien, Elsa Brès, Bryan Campbell, Kevin Chevremont, Aurélien Deseez, Valentine Gelin, Dante Houchon, Milla Houchon, Angel Liegent, Veronique Lorne, Lorraine Ouvrieu, Sarah Saulnier de Praingy.