At least that's what he thought.

All this was actually a mirage...

The wood Commission, "Views on Grand Paris", CNAP & Ateliers Médicis, 2017

The wood

Winning project of the national photographique commission carried out by the  CNAP & Les Ateliers Medicis - «Les Regards du Grand Paris» (Views on Grand Paris) 2017.

Lien :

Gabriel Desplanque chose the Bois de Boulogne as a field of exploration. Strolling zone, workplace or representation sight, underground area, object of fantasy that hides an elusive reality, The wood is a miniature Grand Paris where visitors, in their diversity, mix or avoid each other skilfully.
The result is a visual and sound installation consisting of two slide projectors synchronized on a quadraphical sound montage, offering an immersion in the Bois de Boulogne and recreating the atmosphere captured by the artist.    

Lien :

Porte Dauphine, leave the bike there.
Pass in front of the guinguette.
Two guys at the bar, always the sames.
An espresso.
Further, the Portuguese play “petanque”. They are more of them on weekends.
Start the GPS.
Leaves are missing on trees, the wood is sad these days.
Two guys are flirting. Condoms litter the ground. A beautiful composition.
Sound of cars is always present, a drone in the distance.
A woman curses her dog, it pulls too much on the leash.
The GPS is still lost.
The guinguette of Chalais, Lilianne yells at customers, people laugh very hard.
A woman stares at the lake as if something would come out of it.
Street workers wearing a retro-futuristic astronaut's uniform are taking down sick trees.
Crows everywhere. Dogs.
A van, two girls inside, few customers today, it's too cold.
At the racetrack, a woman wears a wedding hat, betting papers are thrown directly on the floor. The ground trembles when horses gallop. A woman's voice announces the winning fifth.
The GPS is still lost.
Bagatelle garden, old people in their Sunday best, statues all around watch them stroll by. Peacocks make red-haired. Behind, a large meadow, people pilot drones dancing with pigeons.
The Defense arises from behind the trees.
No more battery.
Looking my way.
Take back thebike.
Start again the next day.

From the catalogue "Regards sur Paris" (Views on Paris),  Ateliers Médicis.