At least that's what he thought.

All this was actually a mirage...

I built a house on three octaves Performance, Théatre de la Ville, 2014

I built a house on three octaves

Shown in february 2014 during the « Arrangements de quelques coins et bords », event organized by Adva Zakaï in Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers.


Shown twice in  june 2014 during  Danse Elargie in Théâtre de la Ville.


Approx. 10 minutes performance environ for 4 singers and a mad dog.

This performance, sung in French, tells the imaginary story of Casa Susanna. This book collects more than a hundred photographs still representing the same group of people meeting every weekend from 1959 to 1964 in a house called Casa Susanna, located in the rural area of ​​Catskills (state of New York). The protagonists are men dressed up as women and transgender women who meet every weekend to live freely away from a conservative society.

This house offers its guests the privacy they need at a time when public disguise was a criminal offense. In the 1950s and 1960s, the sexuality of americans faced a very homophobic puritan legal system. The photographs of Casa Susanna were taken in this conservative, repressive and moralizing context.

In the book, apart from the photographs, there is no information on the identity of the protagonists and what they were doing. The performance is therefore a re-writing of this story and is fiction of a real event.

With Lorraine Ouvrieu, Florian Hille, Thibault Menoux & Laurent Stachnick.
Writing, composing and staging : Gabriel Desplanque.
Set, costumes and accessories : Véronique Lorne, Gabriel Vachet & Gabriel Desplanque.
Theater expert : Thomas Adam-Garnung.
Graphic design : Sarah Saulnier de Praingy.

I built a house on three ocaves - Photograph, juin 2014, Théâtre de la Ville
I built a house on three ocaves - Photograph, juin 2014, Théâtre de la Ville