At least that's what he thought.

All this was actually a mirage...

The walk Paul Frèches Gallery, 2012

La promenade

Collective exhibition -  Galerie Paul Frèches – with  Gabriel Desplanque, Lee Jae-Myung, Laurent Perbos et Xiang Li-Qing.

Inspired by Robert Walser's novel to which it borrows its title, the exhibition sketches a landscape in the freshness of her discovery, brought back by childish eyes vaguely incredulous.    

One morning, I flet the urge to take a walk, I put a hat on and, running, left the working or dreaming cabinet to hit the stairs and rush into the street ...

The morning world that lay before my eyes seemed so beautiful that I had the feeling of seeing it for the first time.

Robert Walser, The walk.

It often happens that during a walk we meet other walkers. One of them, Gabriel Desplanque drew imaginary lines between a zoo, a green room, the celestial vault and other points with unknown coordinates. Echoing the poetic modesty Walser venerated, his walk smiles with his own precariousness. The map he has drawn up tells a rough, naive as well as terrible journey.

The unexpected and other accidents set the tone for a walk, so beautiful are the stops revealing naive panoramas. Will the flowers bouquet picked along the way arrive at the table or will it be buried in the snow with the walker?

The Walk - Exhibition view
The zoo - Photograph, 40x50cm
The trap - Photograph, 50x70cm
The walk - Exhibition view
Just above - Printed cloth (30x45cm) and brass stand
The flight - Photograph, 20x35cm
The bomb - Drawing on paper (21x29cm) and frame infused with blue ink
The greenhouse - Photograph, 40x60cm
Fire - Point-to-point printed on 100x120cm paper
Fire - Detail, point-to-point printed on 100x120cm paper