Du moins c’est ce qu’il croyait.

Tout ceci n’était en fait qu’un mirage...

  • Pissed statues !

    Musical performance, National Orchestra Montpellier-Occitanie - March 2020

    Pissed statues !

    Singing performance (around 1h15) for three performers surrounded by the audience in a acoustic and bright changing space. This project is one of the winning projects of the contest "Reinvent the Opera" organized by ROF ( French Operas Organization) in June 2018. Pissed Statuary is produced by the Opéra-Orchestre National Montpellier-Occitanie and will be shown in March 2020.

  • The remains of the child with the pan flute

    Production “Les Mécènes du Sud” June 2019

    The remains of the child with the pan flute

    In june 2018 this project received a production grant from “Les Mécènes du Sud” and also got the "coup de coeur" award in December 2018. In February 2015 in Montpellier a psychologycally unstable man beheaded the Square Planchon Statue. Named “rustic song” or “the child with the pan flute”, this statue represents a naked child, a pan flute in his hand, a sheep at his feet.

  • The wood

    Commande, "Views on Grand Paris", CNAP, 2017

    The wood

    Winner project of the national photographique commission carried out by the CNAP «Les Regards du Grand Paris» (Views on Grand Paris) 2017. Visual and sound installation with two slide projectors synchronized on a quadraphical sound montage, offering an immersion in the Bois de Boulogne and recreating the atmosphere captured by the artist.

  • Belief / relief

    Solo show, Liang Gallery, 2017

    Belief / relief

    Monographic Exhibition - Liang Art Gallery - Taipei (Taïwan) June and July 2017. The book « An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa,» (1704) by George Psalmanazar (1679-1763) is the project « Belief/Relief » starting point. The exhibition is an installation where several media offer a subjective and fantasy stroll through Formose, a mental space where scales and perceptions are distorted.

  • God's room

    Installation, Le Fresnoy, 2016

    God's room

    "La chambre de dieu" a été produite et exposée par le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, lors de Panorama 18, commissariat Laurent Le Bon, d'octobre à décembre 2016. "La chambre de dieu" a été montrée dans une version simplifiée lors de l'exposition Offline Browser, commissariat Chia-Wei Hsu & Fong-Ray Hsu, d'octobre 2018 à janvier 2019 au Hong Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.

  • I Have built a house on three octaves

    Performance, Théatre de la Ville, 2014

    I Have built a house on three octaves

    Approx. 10 minutes performance environ for 4 singers and a mad dog. Shown in february 2014 during the « Arrangements de quelques coins et bords », event organized by Adva Zakaï in Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. Shown twice in june 2014 during Danse Elargie in Théâtre de la Ville.

  • Maison Susanne

    Solo show, C. & Y. Zervos house, 2014

    Maison Susanne

    Following the Zervos-Burgundy Prize and the residence associated with Maison Zervos in July-August 2013, I initiated a project called Maison Suzanne. This project is an extension in the exhibition version of the performance "I built a house on three octaves" inspired by the book Casa Susanna published in 2005 in the United States (Michel Hurst and Robert Swope, PowerHouse Books Edition).

  • The walk

    Paul Frèches Gallery, 2012

    The walk

    Exposition collective à la Galerie Paul Frèches dans les pas de Gabriel Desplanque, Lee Jae-Myung, Laurent Perbos et Xiang Li-Qing.

    Inspirée de la nouvelle de Robert Walser à laquelle elle emprunte son titre, l’exposition esquisse un paysage dans la fraîcheur de sa découverte, rapporté par des yeux d’enfant ébahis et vaguement incrédules.

  • I don't have much personal effect

    Solo exhibition, 2011

    I don't have much personal effect

    In english

  • The frustrated horizons

    Pictures, 2009-2014

    The frustrated horizons

  • Enigma from the past

    Pictures, 2006-2009

    Enigma from the past